We know you have a lot of questions about Pilgrimage, and most of them can be answered below. Pilgrimage weekends are filled with music, love, and activities that demonstrate God’s incredible, fathomless love for us. If your questions aren’t answered here, please feel free to email the moderator or ask someone who’s been. We want you to have the wonderful experience that is Pilgrimage.

What are Pilgrimage, Jubilee, and Cursillo?

A Pilgrimage spiritual renewal weekend (Thursday at 5:00pm to Sunday at 5:00pm) is led by fellow Presbyterian members and pastors. These people will guide your renewal weekend in such a way that you will see God’s love and healing for you. There is great support even after the weekend concludes, and you will find new ways to live a vibrant life of Christian love in your church and community.

Jubilee is a condensed version of the Pilgrimage weekend (Friday at 5:00pm to Sunday at 5:00pm).

Cursillo is the former name of Pilgrimage. Cursillo began in the 1940’s. Colorado changed the name to Pilgrimage in 2009.

Give God a chance to speak to you. Attend a Presbyterian Pilgrimage or Jubilee spiritual renewal weekend.

Who is it for?

Presbyterian Pilgrimage/Jubilee is for adults who want to deepen their relationships with Christ. If you have been looking for a way to take the next step in your discipleship, attending a Pilgrimage weekend is a great place to start.

Is Pilgrimage in tune with the teachings of the church?

Presbyterian Pilgrimage/Jubilee is faithful to the teaching of scripture and to the reformed doctrine of the Presbyterian church. The teaching follows a detailed format and is guided or performed by Presbyterian Clergy.

Do I have to be invited to attend Pilgrimage?

No! If you are interested in attending, then God may be nudging you – answer God’s call!

Do men and women attend Pilgrimage at the same time?

Yes. Singles and married couples are welcome. So that couples may share the experience of the weekend with the freedom to respond individually, spouses attending together are housed separately and are placed in different small groups.

How do I sign up?

To attend, fill out the online application on this website. You can also download the application and mail it in with your deposit.

Costs for the weekend are for lodging and meals. Since staff members pay their own expenses and most of the materials used during the weekend are contributed by fellow Presbyterians, costs are kept to a minimum. Partial scholarships are available for those who could not otherwise attend.

Colorado Presbyterian Pilgrimage is a member of the National Council of Presbyterian 4th Day Communities. For more information send us an email at: info@coloradopilgrimage.org.